The Conclusion

This game would have been nothing if it weren’t for its contestants, and you guys are the ones who made it amazing. There was a lot of progress made, and you all deserve recognition. Here are some of the things that came from the contestants:

  • The College Periscope blog is up, and being updated. Check it out when you have the chance, it has a lot of info on colleges. All the students involved should be recognized on the Contestants page as well.
  • The Documentary Team finished their project, and it looks awesome. Here‘s the link to the competition they entered it in (pretty prestigious). Nicely done guys!
  • The Scrapbook 2.0 team worked hard to get their high school memories together and online, and it definitely payed off. Check out some of your classmates work, it’s good to reflect sometimes!
  • The Graphic Design Team of JoJo Relyea and Brianna Stinn created a graphic background for the course, see it here.
  • Mariah Cooks made a political discussion site where people can get together online and discuss current political activities.

We’ve done a lot, and were not done yet. Special thanks to Amara Sharp, friend of Project Infinity, and game changing sophomore.

Thank you for making Project Infinity what it is!

Awesome Developments!

Everyone has been making a lot of progress, and there are a few projects who have jumped ahead:

The College Periscope blog has a ton of information on colleges, scholarships, and all things college-related, and should be publicized as much as possible!

The Scrapbook 2.0 Team‘s blog looks sleek and entertaining, and already has a few scrapbooks up on the site. These scrapbooks can really help out incoming students, and are a great way to remember your past!

Go check them out!

First Step

The first round of scoring is out, and those of you who actually do the journals were rewarded an initial 30 for just doing something you were already supposed to do. It starts here.

Please send an email with updates/introductions so we can get the game going faster!


You have entered the arena now, either as a group or as an individual, and are (hopefully) prepared to compete against only the most cunning and intelligent of your classmates. Or something. If you haven’t already, check out the scoring system to know what you’ll be getting points for. Coordinate with your teams, and prepare your material, because the Tribute System will be rolling out soon, and who doesn’t want to have a turtle race in Dr. Preston’s classroom?