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The name of the game is Project Infinity, and in Project Infinity, productivity is the game changer. Progress made by your Group, or individually, all will count toward your total score. (And remember, you have to at least have SOMETHING by the end of the year) You won’t be penalized for acting individual, but you won’t be included in a group’s choosing for the Tribute System, made available through collaboration. To be included in the game, all you have to do is the following:

  • Regularly make progress across ANY sort of spectrum of learning/productivity, and you’ll be rewarded. Any step towards one of your goals is point worthy.
  • Send an email with just a short amount of text, documenting something you’ve done with anyone of your goals. This is how you’ll get your points.

Rack in enough points, and you can totally dominate the competition. A little confused about the scoring? Check it out here. Read the following, and when you’re ready to join, send an email to

Collaborative Group– If you plan on joining as a group (Film, Technology, Literature, etc…), send the above email a message with the group title (preferably one email per group, with the list of all in your group), and at least an outline on what you plan on doing. This initial outline gets you 5 points in the group competition. Start electing a single person as your group identity; you’ll need a tribute soon.

Independent– If your plan is to compete individually, send the above email with just a brief outline of what you’re doing (scrapbooks, college blogs, etc…). You will get 10 points initially, but individual players get a unique opportunity; you can leach half of the points you get to any group of your choice. Work collectively, backstab individually.


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