1st) Film Group, Scrapbook 2.0 –

65 Points

2nd) College Periscope

55 Points

3rd) Literature Group –

40 Points

4th) Graphic Design Team, Programming With Python –

35 Points

5th) Research GroupChange Against The MachineJunior Recruitment –

20 Points


1st) Shannon Fahey –

120 Points

2nd) Marie Alvarado –

100 Points

3rd) Trenton Class –

70 Points

4th) Katie Enstad –

65 Points

5th) Krissy Frias, Candace Rickman, Carlos Cruz, Kelly Bricky, Jolissa Jiles, Mariah Cooks-

60 Points

6th) Savanah Lyon, Edith Gonzalez, Marissa Tajalle –

55 Points

7th)  Betzy Bras, Marisol Zepeda, Alex McKinney –

50 Points

8th) Dania Hatamleh, Nick Lycan, Chad Foster, A.J. Franklin, Enrique Rico, Trey Jensen, Laura Wong, Carson Dacus, Cayla Salazar, Taryn Kawahara, Yun Joo, Sam Moon, Trevor Hudgins, Kayla McCallie, Kaley Jorgensen, Arianna Farmer, Nicole Anderson, Jon Hoffman, Lizzy Level, Max Kuhlman, Chelsey Soriano, Hunter Walker, Darin Topham, Drew King, Briana Derr, Briana Stinn, Cody Kiniry, Noé Bernal, Alaysia Navarro, Hannah Hoskings –

45 Points

9th)  Ian Janssen, Tatiana Alvarez, Cambria Leach, Nicole Montoya, Miranda Perez, Guadalupe Perez, Candace Rickman, Rebecca Patterson –

40 Points

10th) Isaac De La Cruz –

30 Points

11th) Rachel Bumstead, Mitchell Edmondson, Stephanie Owens, Nathan Sanchez, Jessica Catron, Jacob Vargas, Chelsea Stevenson, Isaac De La Cruz, Ryan Cecil, Jake DamMikkelsen, Daniel Gonzalez, Gabby Cuevas, Matt Sagisi, Patrick Sims, Hunter Walker, Patrick Fraire, Mari Kagawa, JoJo Relyea, Briana Derr, Kira Asel, Emily Martinez, Matt Giddings, Sarah Rayburn, Tori Thompson, Shannon Murray, Danielle Edwards, Kelli Carrillo –

20 Points

  1. We have decided to form a scrapbook team consisting of the following members: betzy bras, marisol Zepeda, Tatiana Alvarez, nancy Rubio, Jessica parra, Jessica Manriquez, Annais Acosta, yun joo lee, Lupita Perez, gabby cuevas, and Chelsea Stevenson. We will be setting up a blog that shows the growth of high school students that are soon to be college students. This videos will be demonstrating our hardships and obstacles as well as inspirations and good memories. The link to this blog will be sent today in the afternoon.

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